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trinity writers !

anne, beccers and taryn

trinity writers: writing home to the sexy trinity
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writing journal community for three sexy friends
the trinity writers

about us!
Anne and Taryn were discussing DeBoWriMo one day and decided that, because it didn't seem like Degrassi Boards would be ready to do it anytime soon and they had ideas that they couldn't save any longer, they would do it themselves. But where to put it? Well, an LJ comm of course! That way they could keep track of their word counts and read each other's work in one place as well as post other writings they wanted to share and keep archived. With this, they decided that their other best friend and writer Beccers should be included. Thus, a community was born for the friends known as The Sexy Trinity. Check out our main post.

the writers
TARYN aka prophecygirl_x (formerly teensleuthx) has been alive for fifteen years and has loved to write since as long as she can remember. In addition to writing, she enjoys reading, photoshopping, listening to music (Alexz Johnson, Dashboard Confessional, soundtracks and retro music among others) watching television as well as youtube, going to the movies, hanging out and talking with her friends (online and IRL), signing and playing video games. Currently, she is teaching herself to play guitar. Her writing influences are: Anne, JK Rowling for her well-roundedness, Stephenie Meyer for her creativity and ability to capture an audience with a plot line, John Green for being made of awesome in ever way, Joss Whedon for being perhaps the greatest mind that the world ever saw, William Shakespeare for many reasons including his part it expanding the English language, Tim Burton for never being afraid to create and Meg Cabot for knowing how to entertain the mind of a teenage girl. Fandoms: Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, Dollhouse, Firefly, Charmed, Twilight, One Tree Hill, Instant Star and others.

ANNE aka x_thatcrazygirl (formerly tehwritestuff) is significantly older than the other parts of the Trinity. Her main fandoms are: Degrassi, Power Rangers, High School Musical, Instant Star, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill but will probably mainly post Glee fic at this point in time. Aside from all fandom-related activities, she loves watching Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance as well as Big Brother. She listens to various types of music, but loves Nickelback, U2, Alexz Johnson, Rex Goudie and Julianne Hough right now. She might start rambling on about some Canadian indie band you've never heard of so give her a shot to explain. She reads a lot of teen fiction because a) that's her writing niche and b) she's never gotten over high school. She also likes fantasy works by Anne McCaffrey and the Harry Potter series. Favorite reads include: Gossip Girl, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and To Ride Pegasus, just to name a few. Loves the men in Red Spandex, loves old 90s TV shows (bonus points for Canadian stuff), thinks Rex Goudie is the hottest Canadian singer alive and she loves her online friends as much as her real life friends.

BECCERS aka becs_x has been in this universe for fifteen years. She will blow out sixteen candles on April eighteenth - Aries through and through. Even though writing wasn't her first passion, she's loved it ever since. Reading was the first passion. As a matter of fact, she loves to read Harry Potter, It Girl, The Clique, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Skinny, and many more. The shows that she loves are mainly reality shows such as Shear Genius, Project Runway, Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother, and American Idol. However, she loves the dramas of Instant Star, Degrassi, and Secret Life of the American Teenager just as much. On to her music. She loves almost all genres and has discovered a resent love for Metallica. Becs also is in love with Rascal Flatts,Kelly Clarkson, Rex Goudie, random indie bands, Metro Station, and Cobra Starship as well as many others. Her friends, on and offline, are her favorite people ever. She admires Oprah and Kathy Griffin. She laughs too much and talks too loud. She loves youtube and shopping as well as going to movies, debating, and hanging out with her friends.
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